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BFA is Breda Flaherty, an Independent Consultant with a portfolio of career interests spanning the small business, healthcare, charity and university sectors. Breda focuses on improving the organisational performance of individuals – especially at the most senior levels – to enable them to be more ambitious for the quality of their offer to customers, staff and organisations.

The focus is particularly on developing leaders beyond their ‘professional expert’ base, to make the stretch into leadership of teams, services and the wider business.

Experience and Talent

Breda has an extensive coaching portfolio with top leaders who hold an organisational or national brief. She holds significant experience in maximising the potential of group learning models, such as learning groups working across varied business and professional boundaries, to achieve greater entrepreneurialism, inclusion, and diversity in the way we approach innovation and change.

Breda has a particular interest in working with professionals to improve their professional business partnerships. Breda also has a strong track record in developing those stepping into national or career-first professorships and leadership roles.

Recent Projects & Clients

A development professional and coach for twenty years, Breda works with a number of SMEs based in business partnership models, including legal services partnerships, accountancy firms, and medical partnerships. Clients include:

Qualifications and Experience

Breda has an MA and BA from Cambridge University and is currently pursuing an additional MSc in Strategic Innovation Management, to increase her focus on entrepreneurialism in relation to digital change. She holds Postgraduate Diplomas in Management and in Organisational development. She is a coach, a member of the Institute for Action Learning, and is practiced in the use of personality and diagnostic assessments.